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We are preparing dates for the Class of 2024.  You will receive an email from Colleen Smyth, Director of Admissions when detaills for the Class of 2024 have been finalized.

Welcome, Class of 2023!

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Foreign Languages Introduction

Math Skills Packets

To promote the success of each freshman in her mathematics class at Cor Jesu, the algebra teachers have prepared a review of the basic arithmetic skills each student should have mastered in elementary school.  Please download the math packet below for the course which you are enrolled. Each math packet worksheet should be completed without the use of a calculator unless otherwise noted.  The Algebra I text begins with Chapter Zero.  This material may also be used as a reference and contains concepts that freshmen should also have mastered. Please read the examples on each worksheet carefully and follow the pattern when working the problems.  Show all work on separate loose leaf and attach it to the end of the packet.  The completed worksheets for the course which you are enrolled should be brought to the first day of math class in August 2019.

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