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Cor Jesu Academy


At Cor Jesu, we believe academics are important, but so are clubs, choirs, teams and friends. We strive to develop dynamic women. We celebrate successes, applaud efforts and learn from setbacks, all of which contribute to the high school experience. Through co-curricular experiences in athletics, clubs and the arts, Cor Jesu students find places to pursue their passions and foster new friendships.

A Place to Compete

The field of competition is open to any Cor Jesu student seeking to improve her talents,  develop sportsmanship and represent her school. A position with the Cor Jesu Chargers promises a high-performance environment emphasizing accountability, leadership and teamwork as athletes achieve their goals.

A Cor Jesu athlete competes in soccer
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in volleyball
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in the long jump
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in swimming
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in tennis
Cor Jesu athletes walk the golf course
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in lacrosse
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in field hockey
A Cor Jesu athlete competes in softball

A Place to Express

Many Cor Jesu students find their voice among the arts. We offer rich studies in visual and performance art in which students learn to appreciate the historical significance of the arts while exploring their role in our future.


  • Multiple Choirs
  • Music Theory
  • Symphonic Orchestra

Visual Arts

  • Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Independent Study in Art
  • Painting
  • Design & Studio Art

Performing Arts

  • Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Independent Study in Art
Student perform in CJ's production of 42nd Street
STudents perform at the Spring Choir Concert
The stage crew of Radium Girls
CJ students practice guitar
CJ students practice in orchestra class
A CJ student works on her drawing in Art class
Mrs. Kathleen Pottinger directs the CJ choir
CJ students stretch to warm up in choir class
CJ students in rehearsal for a performance
A CJ students works in art class

A Place to Grow

New ideas and communities form around common ground. In more than 35 co-curriculars, Cor Jesu students embrace shared interests in faith, education, culture and so much more. These clubs and teams offer students invaluable places to learn from and lead one another outside the classroom.

Co-Curriculars at Cor Jesu

  • Art Club
  • Christian Action Reaching Everyone (CARE)
  • Corrette Student Newspaper
  • FIRST® Robotics Team
  • National Honor Society
  • Chargers in Prayer
  • Corde Players
  • Diversity Club
  • Mock Trial Team
  • Student Council (STUCO)
  • and many more...
Members of the Robotics Club work on CJ's robot