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Cor Jesu Academy


Surrounded by a warm, welcoming community of young women, Cor Jesu students explore passions and embrace ambitions as they become leaders of tomorrow. A four-year education at Cor Jesu promises a journey of self-discovery, college preparation and career exploration. Blending innovative teaching styles with rich, Catholic traditions, Cor Jesu fosters curious minds and open hearts. We help our students realize their full potential with a balanced approach to education that leads to brilliance.


Since 1956, every student has learned the importance of embracing and Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ. 


Cor Jesu Academy offers a challenging, yet rewarding educational journey for our students.


Whether on stage, in the studio or on the field, Cor Jesu students live and learn with integrity, honesty and compassion.


Cor Jesu welcomes students with open arms and open hearts.


Cor Jesu students pursue service opportunities with open hearts and outstretched hands.

Virtual Tour

Want to learn even more about Cor Jesu? We invite you to take a virtual tour of Cor Jesu.