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Cor Jesu Laptop Program

One of Cor Jesu's many educational goals is to utilize technology in an effective and meaningful way that will support the students' varied learning styles. In order to achieve that goal, Cor Jesu has implemented the Laptop Program, which requires each freshman to lease a Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook throughout her four years at Cor Jesu for educational and personal use.

Coupled with the interactive SMARTBoard technology that is available in all our classrooms, the laptops enhance the students' education in myriad ways. For instance, the laptop technology is integrated into the larger curriculum framework to help the students implement concepts, research various topics and share their understanding of the material. As our classrooms continue to become more active with interactive projects, students continually are challenged to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into action - infusing all the subjects with technology. To help with that process, our faculty members integrate the computer technology into their lessons and activities. They continuously receive training on the laptops to enhance learning for their students.


In addition, Cor Jesu offers an online grading program, which may be accessed through the laptops, to help our faculty communicate the academic achievements and needs of the students to parents.

A CJ student uses her laptop in class

Student Benefits

Using laptops in the classroom increases the potential for learning, especially when integrated into an active classroom. Student engagement is an important link to learning and student achievement. When used effectively, the laptop positively impacts the students' understanding of the material. By integrating the laptops into their learning, students can:

  • Type and organize class notes and information easily
  • Explore websites for a particular area of study
  • Receive critical feedback from teachers quickly
  • Create and present multimedia presentations
  • Research, write and edit reports and papers
  • Access online tutoring

Because the entire school building is wireless, students have access to our state-of-the-art technology, including the Web, interactive digital boards, other computers stationed in the school, e-mail and more.

Students benefit from the state-of-the-art technology in the new 400's classrooms

How the Program Works

Leasing Information

Cor Jesu offers a lease-to-own agreement, giving families the best value for their money by taking full advantage of software-licensing agreements.

The current annual laptop fee of $650 is due in August and will be included in the current tuition contract. Parents must sign an Acceptable Use Policy at the beginning of the school year in order for their daughter to receive her laptop. The annual leasing fee includes a four-year warranty and protection plan. At the end of the four-year leasing term, you then will have the option to purchase the laptop. 

Service & Protection Warranty

Any routine damage to the laptop is covered under this comprehensive four-year warranty, excluding intentional & cosmetic damages. The laptops are serviced by technology experts at Cor Jesu, and loaner laptops are available while student laptops are being serviced.

Students are required to lease their laptops through Cor Jesu. What if you already own a laptop? May you use it instead of leasing one from Cor Jesu?

Because Cor Jesu cannot guarantee software compatibility and school network security, students may not use other laptops. However, one of the many advantages of this laptop is that it is portable, allowing the students the flexibility to use it at home as well as at school. Before classes begin in August and before the students receive their laptops, they are required to attend an orientation session to review the details of the laptop program with school representatives. To assure that all students are confident in their computing skills and understand the importance of using technology responsibly, they are required to attend training on the use of the laptop and the network.

Cor Jesu Academy continues to invest in current technology for our students, infusing digital information into our curriculum to promote intellectual growth and expand the potential of our students. Including laptops in our solid educational program is another step forward in our standard of excellence in the total education of young women.

Technology Support Staff

Mr. Jeffrey Damazyn

Mr. Jeffrey Damazyn

Technology Specialist
Mr. Kenneth Kurtz

Mr. Kenneth Kurtz

Technology Specialist
Mr. Marshall Lucas

Mr. Marshall Lucas

Director of IT and Capital Projects
Ken Kurtz and Jeff Damazyn assist a student in the tech office.
A student uses her laptop in class
Marshall Lucas assists a student with her laptop
The Smart Board is an important piece of technology
A student works at Cor Jesu's 3D printer