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Cor Jesu Academy

Student Learning Center

Vision Statement

A Cor Jesu student will be able to advocate for herself in her life-long learning, in both academic and personal endeavors. 

She will be formed into a well-rounded, balanced, woman of character and integrity. 

Sr. Susan Marie and students share a laugh in the Student Learning Center

Goals of the Student Learning Center

In keeping with the Mission of Cor Jesu, the Student Learning Center seeks to support and empower women intellectually. We do this through the programs described on this page as well as other resources that are available through National Honor Society tutoring and teacher support.

Personnel in the Student Learning Center

Opportunities are available for ALL Cor Jesu Students to improve their learning skills through:

  • Organizational planning
  • Time Management
  • Backwards Planning
  • Test Anxiety
  • Learning Styles
  • Memory Strategies
  • Stress Reduction
  • Note Taking

All students are taught a study skills class by the Academic Support staff during their first semester freshmen year so they have the proper tools for learning at Cor Jesu.