Bye Bye Birdie

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Because the current CDC guidelines necessitated the canceling of all performances of Bye Bye Birdie, we are instead presenting "The Making of Bye Bye Birdie."  We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at the preparations for the musical.  Please browse our photo gallery and view rehearsal videos.
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Meet the Seniors

Our students worked hard preparing for the performances of Bye Bye Birdie.  Whether is was memorizing lines, rehearsing songs, practicing dance moves, painting sets or making costumes, many hours were spent getting ready for the play.  We'd like to recoginze the senior members of the cast of crew of Bye Bye Birdie and let you get to know them a little better before they end their careers at Cor Jesu.
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Jenna Leong

Jenna Leong (MOUSE Crew Head) is overjoyed to be back for her second Cor Jesu Musical in her high school career. She joined the MOUSE crew her junior year for 42nd Street and decided to come back to lead the marketing team this year. Jenna will be continuing her academic career at Truman State University, studying Linguistics and Public Health. She would like to thank her fellow crew members and her friends and family for all the unconditional love and support. 

Molly Morrow

In traditional theatre kid fashion, Molly Morrow (Penelope Ann) has elected Broadway song lyrics as the optimal method to describe her four years in Cor Jesu theatre, where she’s truly had “Some Kinda Time.” She owes these memories to Cor Jesu’s “Show People,” who have taught her the importance of “Dancing Through Life,” helped her learn “How to Succeed,” and reminded her to “Seize the Day.” With “A Heart Full of Love,” she looks forward to spending “One Last Time” on the Cor Jesu stage as Penelope Ann but is excited to attend the University of Chicago to be “An English (Major).” Although she’s having trouble saying “So Long Dearie” to high school theatre, Molly is endlessly grateful for the people that have changed her “For Forever.”

Peter Michalski

Peter Michalski (Harvey Johnson) is so excited to return to Cor Jesu for Bye Bye Birdie! He made his Cor Jesu debut last year in 42nd Street, and they let him wear a really nice sweater in that show, so he had no choice but to return. Peter would FIRST like to thank his parents (because he forgot to in his last bio... oops) and because they have been amazingly supportive throughout everything. He would also like to thank the directors for their truly inspired casting of Harvey Johnson, and for doing such fantastic work in creating these beautiful productions. Finally, he’d like to thank the cast and crew for being so welcoming, kind, and totally awesome in these past two years. Seriously, you’re all THE BEST.

Gabriella Miesner

Gabriella Miesner (MOUSE Crew Head) has had a haphazard and chaotic experience with Cor Jesu Theatre, but would have it no other way. She has had much fun and learned many lessons from her six shows here at Cor Jesu, including the necessity to avoid custom ink at all costs and the importance of a boomerang. She is incredibly grateful to her fellow MOUSE crew heads, Jenna and Syd, and to the stage manager, Caroline, for allowing us to name the crew something that ridiculous. Gabriella will miss Cor Jesu Theatre when she graduates, but not as much as she misses her baby, the 42nd street sign. Gabriella will be studying Computer Science after graduation, as she can’t put up with the antics of theatre kids forever.

Jenna Sciaroni

Jenna Sciaroni (Deborah Sue) is happy to be returning in yet another CJ musical.  She has been a part of the ensemble in Curtains and Hello, Dolly!  She also was a proud "piano player" as Oscar in 42nd Street, and is excited to be playing Deborah Sue in her last musical Bye, Bye, Birdie.  She will miss all of the people at Cor Jesu, and would like to thank her family and friends for all of their support and love. She would also like to thank KP for her amazing leadership in music for Jenna and her fellow classmates throughout their time at CJ. She is excited about continuing her studies at Mizzou next year for math with a focus in actuarial science and finance. 

Daniel Gatewood

Four years ago, Daniel Gatewood was a normal St. Louis teen when he was snatched off of Gravois and forced to audition at a girls high school he’d never even heard of. Since then those girls have called him by any name except his birth name. Corduroy vests have been splashed, stuffed whales encountered, noses bled, and double rocks scotched, and now Daniel “Gavin” “Abner” “Gabner” “Hugo” “Gavo” “Stuffed Whale” Gatewood takes his leave.

Syd Barnard

Syd Barnard is excited to be spending her last musical with the best crewmates ever. Although she has only been involved with the CJ Fall Play and Spring Musical for two years, Syd has learned so much and has developed a deeper appreciation for theatre.

Alison Regina

Alison Regina randomly chose to participate in light crew her freshman year and decided to stick with it the rest of high school. She is grateful for all the support she’s received while learning how to operate all the various lighting systems from her family, friends, and the tech guys. While she is happy to be running the lights for her fourth musical, Alison CD is sad that this will be her last show and will miss all the great people she met through light crew. She intends to continue her lighting adventure in college. Light crew is lit!

Katie Favazza

Katie Favazza (Stage Crew) is thrilled to be returning to stage crew for her last Cor Jesu musical. She joined stage crew her sophomore year for Hello, Dolly and has continued to be a part of crew for both fall play and spring musical for the next two years. Katie will be continuing her academic career at Benedictine College next fall studying business. She would like to thank Megan O’Shea for convincing her to join stage crew in the first place and the OG stage crew sisters for naming her “Paint Master” even though she often paints things she’s not supposed to (mainly handles). Katie would also like to thank her family and friends for all their love and support.

Grace Tiffin

GraceTiffin (Dance Chorus) is thrilled to finish her high school musical theater career in Bye Bye Birdie after previously appearing in Newsies, Holes, and Les Miserables at Chaminade and Matilda with Gateway Center for Performing Arts Youth Theater Company. She has received dance training from Studio C, Laurie Stream Dance Inc., and GCPA and vocal training from Katie Kopff. Endless thanks to my friends and family for all of their support, especially my parents for being my biggest role models and encouraging me in all I do.

Andrew Normington

Andrew Normington (Conrad Birdie) is sad yet extremely excited to perform in his final high school theatre production. Having been a part of six shows at SLUH, Andrew feels so blessed to be able to come to Cor Jesu for one last performance. From renaissance tights and pumpkin pants to bloody noses and high heels, Andrew has been extraordinarily lucky to play such fun roles in his theatre career. He would like to thank the Directors as well as a special thanks to Mrs. Whitaker, the Pottinger Family, and most importantly his parents. Andrew is proud of the work he put towards the theatre, but it never felt like work to him. Prepare to see him leave the stage with hip thrusts and crazy hair.

Anastasia Ramig

Anastasia Ramig (Chorus) hates goodbyes, so she would like to say thank you instead. Thank you to music for carrying her through the ups and downs of life. Thank you to musicals for teaching her countless life lessons. Thank you to KP and CJ choir for always showing her what love looks like. Thank you to J.J. Bittenbinder for teaching her what to do when she gets kidnapped (not if. when.). Thank you to the Bread Co employees who have dealt with her and her friends breaking into song instead of ordering. Thank you to her family for being her support system. It seems fitting that the title of Anastasia’s final Cor Jesu production will give her the words she needs when the time comes to say goodbye: Bye Bye Birdie.

Jennifer Jansson

Jennifer Jansson (Chorus) is looking forward to her third Cor Jesu show and first musical. She was last seen as Grace Fryer in Radium Girls and in All the King’s Women last year. She would like to thank her friends Catherine, Christine, and Alison for doing this show with her.

Samantha Thompson

Samantha Thompson (Mrs. Doris Macafee) is absolutely thrilled to be a part of her final show at Cor Jesu, Bye Bye Birdie.  Her theatrical highlights include joining the Show People of Curtains for her first high school musical.  Then, she put on her Sunday Clothes to watch the parade pass by for Hello! Dolly.  Last year, she shuffled off to buffalo for 42nd Street and has now joined the “Kids” of Bye Bye Birdie for one last production.  In addition to CJ shows, she has also had the privilege to be a part of several Chaminade productions.  She would like to give a special shout out to her parents, KP, and the wonderful cast of this show.

Adrian Gray

Bye Bye Birdie is Adrian Gray’s first and only Cor Jesu show. Adrian plans to major in music in college. 

Ben Garcia

Ben Garcia is thrilled to be on stage for Cor Jesu’s production of Bye Bye Birdie after a four-year hiatus from shows. Even though this is his first high school production, he is going to miss everyone he has met throughout this experience. Ben would like to thank his friends for finally convincing him to quit track and join the musical and his parents for always being supportive of his activities in high school.

Megan O'Shea

Megan O’Shea (Stage Manager) is ecstatic to tackle the role of Stage Manager in her fourth Cor Jesu musical. When she joined stage crew freshman year for Curtains, she never imagined she would receive the leading role behind the scenes. She is incredibly grateful for the guidance of former stage manager, Sarah Caffey. Megan would not have been able to conquer this role without her. She will forever cherish the memories she has of stage crew, and she is extremely grateful for her stage crew sisters who have always had her back. Megan would like to thank her family, stage crew sisters, Rob Hanson, Melissa Haueisen, Caroline Bruer, Ken Kurtz, and the directors for their constant effort and support. Megan plans to study neuroscience and have a career in medicine. 

Caroline Bruer

Caroline Bruer (Production Manager) is overjoyed to manage this year's production of Bye Bye Birdie.  Caroline joined the theatre community at Cor Jesu freshman year and has since done every position under the sun including: dancing her way through Kansasland in the chorus of Curtains, designing the lights for Anne of Green Gables and stage managing Radium Girls.  She is gracious for her parents continued support after she threw away 10 years of private vocal lessons to run the backstage.  She would also like to thank Ken Kurtz, the directors, her friends Ella and Jenna, and her partner in crime Colleen Dundon. While Caroline is sad her theatre journey has come to an end, she is excited to continue her academic journey at the University of Missouri to study Microbiology.    

Catherine Hannon

Catherine Hannon (Mae Peterson) is delighted to be back performing in her second Cor Jesu musical and playing the hilarious role of Mrs. Mae Peterson. Catherine was most previously seen playing the role of Kathryn Schaub in Radium Girls at Cor Jesu. In addition to her love of performing, Catherine is also President of Cor Jesu’s Drama Club, Corde Players, and Cor Jesu’s ITS Troupe Leader. She would like to thank her family, especially her sister Maureen,  for fostering her love of theatre and music, and her friends (I see you Jennifer, Alison, and Christine) for sticking this musical out with her. 

Michael Harp

Michael Harp (Albert Peterson), Albert, is a “fine upstanding “ senior at Althoff Catholic High School.  Michael’s a Muny Teen who has performed at the Muny and in Chicago at The Lyric Opera, Drury Lane And Paramount Theatres and on Chicago Fire.  He’s danced for 14 years and studies voice with Sheila Dugan. Many thanks to KP and the entire Cor Jesu creative team for the past 2 years! “I’m so glad you chose me”!  It was an honor to represent you at the Jimmy’s as STLHSMTA Best Actor in a Musical 2019. Michael plans to get a BFA in Musical Theatre as “life is one sweet beautiful song to me”!

Kristin Steiner

Kristin Steiner (Dance Chorus) is thrilled to be part of dance chorus in Cor Jesu Academy’s performance of Bye Bye Birdie. From tripping all over her potato sack in Curtains freshman year, to now taking on the role as Dance Captain, Kristin is very grateful for all of the amazing memories and opportunities for growth that Cor Jesu theater has given her. Kristin would like to thank KP and Lauren for always pushing her and being great role models for her. She would also like to thank her friends and family for their love and support, and putting up with her constant dancing and singing. She is sad to see her last curtain close in High School Theater, but cannot wait for her next chapter in life.

Emily Shearer

Contrary to popular belief, Emily Shearer (Chorus) was not in the 2017 production of Curtains. Due to being stuck down with the flu during tryouts, the Cor Jesu theatre department was spared one year of her absolute chaotic positivity. Since then, she has been laughing for a whole three years as a part of Hello, Dolly, 42nd Street, and this year, Bye Bye Birdie.  As a very (un)official understudy for Conrad Birdie, she has enjoyed pretending to be Elivs Presley behind the scenes. She would like to thank the directors for putting up with her snark and sarcastic comments, and to her musical family-- you guys are the best! Sending love and good vibes as always :)

Dana Parisi

Dani Parisi (Prop Crew Head) is delighted to be a part of her sixth and final show at Cor Jesu, although she will be sad to leave. In her sophomore year, she joined prop crew for the play, and then sang in the musical. After that, she returned to prop crew and has loved being a part of it ever since, working up to the title of prop crew head for both productions in her senior year. In her time behind the scenes, she has made new friends and found new interests. Not wanting to give up the excitement of being backstage, she plans to get involved in theatre at University of Evansville, where she plans to study environmental science and creative writing.

Madeline Ortman

Madeline Ortman (Costume Crew Head) is ecstatic to dress up the guys and gals of Bye Bye Birdie for her fourth year in a row. She would like to thank her wonderful crew, the cast, and especially her boys. She would like everyone to remember her by her alter ego “Daddy”. 

Kate Borgmeyer

Kate Borgmeyer is excited to be returning to costume crew for her second year in Cor Jesu Theater. Her friends have been involved with the musical since freshman year and it drove her crazy that she had no clue what they were talking about from February to May. She figured, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so she joined them in doing 42nd street in 2019. The rest is history! Her favorite part of crew was learning how to do the worm as a rite of passage last year and getting to watch all the new people do it this year. Thanks to everyone involved for a great 2 years of CJ Theater!