Fine Arts

Mission Statement

At Cor Jesu Academy, the mission of the Fine Arts Department is to provide our students with educational experiences in the visual and performing arts that focus not only on the process and product of each discipline, but also on the development of each student’s personal voice. Additionally, through practice, discovery and analysis we strive to engender in our students an understanding and appreciation of the cultural, historical and social significance of the Arts.

CJ Fine Arts Spotlight

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

List of 5 members.

  • Mrs. MaryJo Clark 

    Fine Arts Department Chairperson
    (314) 842-4429 x263
  • Mrs. Carol Bauer 

    Campus Ministry Coordinator / Instrumental Director
    (314) 842-4429 x154
  • Mrs. Laura Vonder Haar- Bolt 

    Fine Arts and English Teacher
    (314) 842-1546 x260
  • Mrs. Kathleen Wobbe Pottinger 

    Director of Music
    (314) 842-1546 x244
  • Ms. Jeanne Suda 

    Dean of Curriculum and Professional Development
    (314) 842-4429 x277