Faculty Directory

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

Business Department

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Mary Steiger

    Ms. Mary Steiger 

    Business Department Chairperson & Mathematics Teacher
    (314) 842-1546 x209
  • Photo of Timothy Haffner

    Mr. Timothy Haffner 

    Business Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x262
  • Photo of JoEllen Sarich

    Mrs. JoEllen Sarich 

    Business & Journalism Teacher; CJTV Adviser
    (314) 842-4429 x285

English Department

List of 7 members.

Fine Arts Department

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Kathleen Wobbe Pottinger

    Mrs. Kathleen Wobbe Pottinger 

    Director of Music/Fine Arts Department Chairperson
    (314) 842-1546 x244
  • Photo of Carol Bauer

    Mrs. Carol Bauer 

    Campus Ministry Coordinator / Instrumental Director
    (314) 842-4429 x154
  • Photo of Jeanne Suda

    Ms. Jeanne Suda 

    Dean of Curriculum and Professional Development
    (314) 842-4429 x277
  • Photo of Robert Sullivan

    Mr. Robert Sullivan 

    Art Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x292
  • Photo of Amy Willard Top

    Mrs. Amy Willard Top 

    (314) 842-4429 x293

Foreign Language Department

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Margaret McGraw

    Mrs. Margaret McGraw 

    Foreign Language Department Chairperson
    (314) 842-4429 x227
  • Photo of Jeannie Bateman

    Mrs. Jeannie Bateman 

    Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x255
  • Photo of Nathan Fouquet

    Mr. Nathan Fouquet 

    Foreign Language (Spanish)Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x205
  • Photo of James Gioia

    Mr. James Gioia 

    Foreign Language (Latin) Teacher & JV Volleyball Head Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x217
  • Photo of Tricia Molnar

    Ms. Tricia Molnar 

    Foreign Language (French) Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x229
  • Photo of April Weiss Remiger

    Mrs. April Weiss Remiger 

    Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher & Service Coordinator
    (314) 842-4429 x230
  • Photo of Rita Thoopul

    Ms. Rita Thoopul 

    Foreign Language (Chinese, French, Spanish) Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x286

Journalism and Communications Department

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of JoEllen Sarich

    Mrs. JoEllen Sarich 

    Business & Journalism Teacher; CJTV Adviser
    (314) 842-4429 x285
  • Photo of Katherine Boul Svejkosky

    Mrs. Katherine Boul Svejkosky 

    English Teacher & Yearbook Advisor
    (314) 842-4429 x289

Math Department

List of 7 members.

Physical Education Department

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Elizabeth Biedenstein

    Mrs. Elizabeth Biedenstein 

    Athletic Director/Physical Education Department Chairperson
    (314) 842-4429 x114
  • Photo of Rachel Brcic

    Ms. Rachel Brcic 

    Asst. Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher/Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x257
  • Photo of Gia Henkhaus

    Mrs.  Gia Henkhaus 

    Physical Education Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x250
  • Photo of Melanie Hosty

    Ms. Melanie Hosty 

    Asst. Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x173
  • Photo of Ami Leiendecker Kohlberg

    Mrs. Ami Leiendecker Kohlberg 

    Health Education / Assistant to the Admissions Director
    (314) 842-4429 x239
  • Photo of Bernadette Ringwald

    Mrs. Bernadette Ringwald 

    Dance Instructor
    (314) 842-4429 x294

Science Department

List of 7 members.

Social Studies Department

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Brian Hohlt

    Dr. Brian Hohlt 

    Social Studies Department Chairperson
    (314) 842-4429 x271
  • Photo of Jennifer Ahrens

    Ms. Jennifer Ahrens 

    Social Studies Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x256
  • Photo of Thomas Curran

    Dr. Thomas Curran 

    Social Studies Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x252
  • Photo of Audrey Lampe Ploesser

    Mrs. Audrey Lampe Ploesser 

    Social Studies Teacher & Varsity Field Hockey Head Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x238
  • Photo of Mark Tueth

    Mr. Mark Tueth 

    Social Studies Teacher & Golf Head Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x234

Student Learning Center

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Susan Marie Krupp

    Sr. Susan Marie Krupp 

    Assistant Principal/Director of Student Learning
    (314) 842-4429 x112
  • Photo of Kay Fellin

    Mrs. Kay Fellin 

    Academic Support Person
    (314) 842-4429 x200
  • Photo of Sarah Zartman

    Ms. Sarah Zartman 

    Academic Support Person
    (314) 842-4429 x200

Theology Department

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Catherine Brodersen

    Sr. Catherine Brodersen 

    Theology Department Chairperson; Diversity/Inclusion Coordinator
    (314) 842-4429 x248
  • Photo of Mame Blumeyer

    Mrs. Mame Blumeyer 

    Theology Teacher & Varsity Field Hockey Assistant Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x237
  • Photo of Mary Grace Giaimo

    Sr.  Mary Grace Giaimo 

    Theology Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x258
  • Photo of Bridget Rush

    Ms. Bridget Rush 

    Theology Teacher and Social Justice Coordinator
  • Photo of Scott Shoger

    Mr. Scott Shoger 

    Theology Teacher
    (314) 842-4429 x211
  • Photo of Kathryn Willey

    Ms. Kathryn Willey 

    Theology Teacher & JV Soccer Head Coach
    (314) 842-4429 x270