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"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

A Unique Opportunity for Career Exploration

On Monday, November 4, 2019, CJ students will participate in exp3: Exposure, Experience, Exploration, a one day innovative learning experience which provides students with unique opportunities to discover career options and explore them via hands-on experiences and personal interaction with professionals.  This program is open to all CJ students.  To participate, a student must complete a registration form and permission slip.
Registration opens on September 16 for juniors and seniors and on September 17 for all students.  The list of hosts for exp3 will be available in early fall.  The Registration Form and Permission Slip will be available beginning on Monday September 16.  Check back then to register.

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What makes exp3 unique?

    Rather than a traditional field trip where students visit a location to tour and observe, exp3 corporate hosts create a day designed specifically for a small group (2-15) of Cor Jesu students. The day emphasizes hands-on involvement, enabling students to experience a career, rather than just be told about it.  There is also valuable time built in for informal interaction and lunch with professionals, allowing students to get a very personal sense of the work environment.
  • Q: What if my daughter doesn’t know what career(s) she is interested in?

    No problem!  The purpose of exp3 is to offer students meaningful exposure to a variety of careers and help them discover new areas of interest and new talents they want to explore. 
  • Q: What if the career my daughter is interested in isn’t being offered?

    Each year, since the program’s beginning in 2012, the list of career offerings has grown.  Please have your daughter let us know her area of interest so that we can explore finding a site for her and/or consider her request as we build the program.  If we can’t make an exact match, we will try to find another location that is in some way related to your daughter’s area(s) of interest.
  • Q: Who can participate?

    exp3 is open to all CJ students.  Students are encouraged to participate each of their four high school years and thus gain maximum career experience to help guide their college choices.  
  • Q: What is the cost to participate?

    As part of the Cor Jesu Corporate Partners Initiative, participating exp3 hosts offer this day free of charge to all students.
  • Q: How do we sign up?

    Online registration begins September 16 for juniors and seinors and September 17 for all students.

exp3 2019 Hosts

Permission Slip


In order to access the registration form, you must use your Cor Jesu Google account.  Before attempting to complete the registration form (which will be available below beginning on September 16 for Juniors and Seniors and on September 17 for all grades), PLEASE SIGN OUT OF ALL PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNT(S) and ensure you are logged into your CJ account.

Priority registration for Juniors and Seniors will close at 7 p.m. on September 16.  On September 17 registration will re-open for all grades.
Questions? Contact Cynthia Wilhelm, Career, Counseling and Wellness Center Director at (314) 842-4429 ext. 235 or at cwilhelm@corjesu.org.

Cor Jesu thanks the following organizations that are participating in exp3 in 2019:

    • FBI


    • Gateway Arch Park Foundation

      Gateway Arch Park Foundation

    • Heartland Coca-Cola

      Heartland Coca-Cola

    • Independent Brokers Agency

      Independent Brokers Agency

    • Mackey Mitchell

      Mackey Mitchell

    • Metro Theater Company

      Metro Theater Company

    • St. Louis City Medical Examiner

      St. Louis City Medical Examiner

    • St. Louis College of Pharmacy

      St. Louis College of Pharmacy

    • St. Louis Counseling

      St. Louis Counseling

    • SLU - School of Education

      SLU - School of Education

    • SLU School of Nursing

      SLU School of Nursing