Vision Statement

The Theology Department will provide the tools to seek and discern truth and how it resonates with students’ experiences.   We will empower our students to grow in compassion and virtue through reflecting on, internalizing and living what they learn through various faith and service experiences.


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  • TH100 Theology I

    GRADE 9 LEVEL 4.3 1 CREDIT SEM 1-2
    Theology I focuses on Christology and the Divine Plan of Redemption as revealed in scripture. Theology I begins with a unit on the mission and charism of Cor Jesu Academy. Completing first semester will be a study of the Hebrew Scriptures from a cultural, historical and literary context. During second semester, the person of Jesus Christ, his life, teachings and the Paschal Mystery are studied in conjunction with the reading of the Christian Scriptures.
  • TH200 Theology II

    GRADE 10 LEVEL 4.3 1 CREDIT SEM 1-2
    Theology II focuses on Catholic Identity both personal and communal. The year begins with a unit on faith and reason. Using the You: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body program, students focus on their identity as true human persons as it relates to God’s plan of salvation. Next, students examine their identity and heritage as Catholics as revealed through the Sacraments and the study of the Church today and yesterday through the four marks of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.
  • TH300 Theology III

    GRADE 11 LEVEL 4.3 1 CREDIT SEM 1-2
    Theology III focuses on morality and Catholic social teaching through the first and second semester. This course is designed to give the students assistance and experience in making intelligent, logical and compassionate moral decisions. Specific moral and justice issues are discussed in light of Catholic Church teaching. The students study the concepts of original sin, grace, conscience, virtue, and evil to understand their relevance morally and socially in the contemporary world. The work, study, and discussion on the topics of morality and Catholic social teaching culminate in the LASTing Project. The LASTing Project is a service ministry experience that fulfills Cor Jesu’s vision of future graduates as compassionate women of the 21st century who reach out to the community and change the world.
  • TH360 ACC Theological Foundations: Discovery

    GRADES 11-12 LEVEL 4.8 ½ CREDIT SEM 1 OR 2
    SLU COURSE: THEO1000 Theological Foundations (3 credits) Theological Foundations is a one-semester theology elective offered each year to juniors and seniors. This course is offered in conjunction with SLU’s 1818 Advanced College Credit program and as such expects college level work from students. Along with providing the basic vocabulary, method of theology, and key theological concepts, it equips the student with the historical, textual, and comparative methods and skills that are foundational for further study on the university level. Learning Outcomes: What is the point of this course? To study God. Beginning with the mystery of God and moving on to how God reveals that mystery to humanity, to us. God reveals Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ, through Sacred Scripture, and His Church. This course will examine how the Church gives us God’s grace through the seven sacraments and how she is Herself a sacrament; in addition, discussing the Church’s mission to the world with the topics of morality and Catholic Social teaching. Further topics include the relationship between the Church and Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam respectively. By using the text Lumen Fidei throughout the course, we will discuss the Church in the Global context of the post-modern world.
  • TH400 Theology IV

    GRADE 12 LEVEL 4.3 1 CREDIT SEM 1-2
    Theology IV is a study of what it means to be a Catholic Christian adult woman who is part of American society and a global Church at the beginning of the 3rd millennium of Christianity. Included in the course are an examination of their LASTing Project service ministry, a unit on philosophy examining faith, reason, and science as they all coincide towards a greater understanding of God and his existence, Church History of the modern era, an examination of the documents and theology of the Second Vatican Council, and World Religions.
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"


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