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A Cor Jesu Graduate will go out into the world with a well-rounded development of mind, body, and spirit. She will use the characteristics such as respect, inclusivity, and compassion that she has developed to make a positive impact on society.


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  • PE100 Physical Education I

    Grade 9 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    This required course teaches the beginning skills of volleyball, basketball, soccer and dance, in addition to the basic concepts of physical fitness and nutrition. Enrollment is limited to 24 students. PE I may not be taken concurrently with Concert Choir I. If a student elects to take Choir I, she must take PE I either in the summer or during her sophomore year. 
  • PE200 Physical Education II

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    This required course offers general conditioning, the beginning skills of archery, ropics, and badminton including the participation in round robin tournaments in badminton. Enrollment is limited to 24 students. This course, or Fitness for Life, will fulfill your PE elective.

    Prerequisite: P.E. I
  • PE210 Health Education

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    The goal of this course is to cultivate health awareness in order for students to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This course teaches the wellness concepts of health, including mental and physical aspects, with an emphasis placed on the structure and function of body systems. Some of the personal health topics covered, but not limited to, are nutrition, physical fitness, chemical usage, mental health, family life and relationships, consumer health, and healthy decision-making skills. This course will meet the course requirement for certain Missouri colleges. Please check with your counselor or college that you plan to attend. Enrollment is limited to 25 students.
  • PE300 Introduction to Dance

    GRADE 10-12  LEVEL 4.3   ½ CREDIT SEM 1 OR 2
    This course will focus on the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz building on the introductions taught in the PE I dance unit.  Emphasis will be on beginner technique, development of strength,balance and flexibility. Enrollment is limited to 24 students. This course is an elective and it does not fulfill the PE required courses.
  • PE310 Advanced Dance

    GRADES 10-12 LEVEL 4.3 ½ CREDIT SEM 2
    Advanced Dance moves beyond the fundamentals of dance, incorporating advanced steps and combinations in the art of ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance. This course is an elective and it does not fulll the PE required courses.

    Prerequisite: Students must either have completed Introduction to Dance or have three years of ballet, tap or jazz experience within the last four years and receive a departmental signature.
  • PE400 Lifetime Sports Development

    Grade 12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    This class exposes participants to the rules and basic fundamentals of athletic activities that can be played throughout a lifetime. These activities include bowling, tennis, and pickleball. (Fee is paid at start of class.) Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

    Prerequisites: P.E. II or Fitness for Life, as well as departmental signature and some racquet sport experience
  • PE405 Physical Education Assistants

    Grade 11-12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    A senior, with an interest in pursuing a physical education career, may elect to be an assistant. During the course students will fulfill the following criteria:
    1. 10 hours of scoring, or timing of home games
    2. The student will assist classes of a grade level below her own.
    3. Prepare/present a unit of teaching and testing.

    Prerequisites: P.E. II or Fitness for Life and departmental signature
  • PE506 Fitness for Life

    Grades 10 -12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    This course is designed to introduce students to various methods for improving physical fitness in hopes of encouraging a life-long appreciation for exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn the components of fitness and the basic principles needed to develop those components. Through introduction to general fitness, alternative fitness, and recreational fitness methods, all students will be able to find the exercise methods needed to best achieve their fitness goals. Pilates, yoga and weight training are some of the areas that will be covered. Enrollment is limited to 24 students. This course, or PE II, will fulfill your PE elective. Enrollment is limited to 24 students.
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