Students at Cor Jesu are challenged to think critically, explore meaningful questions and seek answers beyond the textbooks. Cor Jesu's four-year curriculum invites the potential within each student to emerge through the group-learning process, independent study and experiental learning.

Unique Courses and Opportunities Offered to Cor Jesu Students:

String and Instrumental Ensembles
Coding Club
Corporate Partners Initiative: EXP3 and S.E.E. (Summer Engineering Experience)

Academic Departments

Eight-Block Schedule

Cor Jesu’s eight-block schedule is similar to a college schedule. Each day is divided into four 85-minute class periods that meet every other day over a six-day cycle (A-F Days). For instance, the same four classes meet on A, C and E Days, and the other four classes meet on B, D and F Days. Study halls and a daily activity period provide students with extra time to meet with teachers or clubs. With classes meeting every other day, students have an extra night to complete their homework.

    • An animated, example freshman schedule


The faculty at Cor Jesu are committed to the success of all students, assisting and guiding them in their quest for knowledge and understanding. The teachers foster a learning environment that allows students to grow in understanding of the subject, critical thinking, self-assuredness and leadership.

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"