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Cor Jesu Academy

Strategic Plan


Launching its seventh decade as a premier Catholic school for young women in St. Louis and completing the most comprehensive building addition in the school’s history, Cor Jesu Academy is now forging a new era in Catholic college-preparatory education for young women. Anchored by its strong foundation of faith and high-level academics, this new era is defined by Cor Jesu’s Catholicity and is propelled by a comprehensive strategic vision that will guide us for the next five years. 

 To determine a “picture of success” for what Cor Jesu will be in 2022, Cor Jesu partnered with Collaborative Strategies, Inc., conducting surveys, focus groups and interviews with stakeholders to evaluate the school’s current operations and environment. From those findings, the Strategic Planning Team consisting of Advisory Council members, administration, faculty, staff and stakeholders developed the focus and foundation for the new plan.


The following objectives create the focus and foundation for the five-year strategic plan. The key differentiators are aspects of a Cor Jesu education that will distinguish us from other high schools within the next five years: 


  • Academically focused, goal-oriented, intellectually curious, passionate
  • Represent a wide variety of socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds
  • Embrace Catholic values and education

Key differentiators:

  • Catholicity: We are one of the few remaining girls' high schools in St. Louis owned by a religious order. There is a uniquely overt Catholic presence at school.
  • An innovative teaching style that emphasizes active learning and unparalleled access to global learning. 
  • Academic achievement: We have the highest ACT scores of Catholic girls' schools in Misssouri, and are among the best in National Merit Finalist per capita for Catholic girls' schools in Missouri.
  • A robust college and career curriculum that connects students with universities of their choice and fields of interests via programs like our Corporate Partners Initiative.
  • We meet 100% of students’ financial need
  • State-of-the-art facilities and campus

Target Enrollment:

580 – 600

Revenue Model:

  • Significant increase in the existing $6M endowment to enhance the school’s ability to offer scholarships to families of need.
  • Tuition and endowment support the enrollment, curriculum and operational goals of the school, along with increased financial aid.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve the 2022 vision and goals, Cor Jesu is adopting a short list of priorities. “Priorities” implies focus – so there can only be a handful.  The planning team identified five critical priorities for the school: