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Cor Jesu Academy

About CJA

An overhead view of the Cor Jesu campus

Catholic faith is the thread that runs through every element of the student experience at Cor Jesu. Rooted in the same charism and loving spirit as the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cor Jesu is a place where everyone, Catholic or not, is able to experience, accept and share God’s love. Surrounded by a warm, welcoming community of young women, Cor Jesu students explore passions and embrace ambitions as they become leaders of tomorrow.

Cor Jesu At-A-Glance

"Sharing the Love of the heart of Christ" is not only a phrase that we say, but it is how we live each day at Cor Jesu.

May the Precious Blood of Jesus fill all your hearts and draw you to Himself.

- Blessed Clelia Merloni